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Tulum bohemian ambiance and something more

Welcome to the stunning Bohemian paradise of Tulum, where tranquility, peace and an undeniable connection to nature abound. Kore Tulum is waiting for you to experience the beauty of Tulum, Mexico; a place that speaks to those who seek relaxation and adventure, in equal measure.

Immerse yourself in the laid-back and free-spirited atmosphere that characterizes this magical place. Feel the warm sand between your toes as you take a leisurely stroll along the beach, gaze at the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean and experience the unique energy of Tulum.


Tulum is a place to slow down and appreciate the unspoiled natural environment that surrounds you. From the lush jungles and cenotes to the white sandy beaches, you will be captivated by the serenity and simple pleasures that fill the air.

Despite the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere you will find yourself in, Tulum is also filled with a myriad of unique and exciting adventures, all of which are too intriguing to pass up.

Things to do in Tulum

Exploring the ancient ruins of Tulum, swimming in the Cenotes, and participating in the many yoga and meditation sessions that are available are just a few of the remarkable activities that await you.

  1. Visit the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, where you can observe exotic wildlife, take a boat ride through the lagoons and mangroves, and swim in the beautiful natural swimming pools while surrounded by nature.

  2. Take a peaceful bike ride along the coast, taking in the sea breeze and stopping at local beach clubs and restaurants for freshly-prepared meals made with local, sustainable ingredients.

  3. Try traditional Mayan healing treatments at the resort or at one of the many local spas in the area, such as Temazcal, Herbal Steam Baths, or Mayan-inspired massages that utilize local herbs and techniques to soothe and invigorate.

Tulum, where bohemian life meets the serenity of the Caribbean, creating a paradise of authenticity and creativity.

  1. Take a pottery class with a local artisan, learning about the traditional techniques of the Mayan people and creating your own unique piece of authentic pottery.

  2. Explore the Tulum Ruins, a stunning ancient city that reveals the intricacies of Mayan architecture and engineering while offering spectacular ocean views.

  3. Take a trip to the nearby Cenotes, natural freshwater swimming pools that reveal the incredible underground river system in the Yucatan Peninsula.

  4. Participate in a traditional Mayan ceremony to connect with the spirituality and wisdom of the Mayan people, where you can learn about ancient rituals and customs.

After a day of adventure and exploration, unwind and rejuvenate at Kore Tulum, a stunningly beautiful resort dedicated to relaxation and revitalization. The resort boasts deluxe accommodations that rest amid lush gardens, alongside an infinity pool that seems to stretch into the Caribbean horizon.

Relax your mind and body with a visit to the tranquil and soothing spa, where you can indulge in luxurious organic treatments that nourish and revitalize your skin, body, and soul. Experience exclusive activities, such as biking through archaeological zones, exploring underwater caves, and soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches.

Kore Tulum is not just a destination, it's an immersive experience. Discover the warmth and inviting atmosphere of this magical place and feel as though you are already part of the Kore Tulum family.

Come and experience the incredible natural and bohemian environment that awaits you in Tulum, Mexico, and let us be your home away from home.

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