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Jaguar Park, a new wonder in Tulum.

Tulum, a jewel in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, awakens with its Mayan ruins perched on a cliff, guarding the white sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

Immerse yourself in the magic of this mystical corner, where archaeological history intertwines with natural beauty and the warm hospitality of its people. Tulum, an ancient Mayan commercial and religious center, stands as a living testament to its culture and civilization.

Tulum's beaches are a canvas of softness, where the white sand invites you to walk barefoot, and the turquoise waters become a paradise for swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

However, this natural charm leads us to a shared responsibility: to preserve the wonders that make Tulum a unique place in the world. From this was born the wonderful idea of creating the Jaguar Park.


Jaguar Park Tulum, what to Do When Visiting?

Jaguar Park, strategically located in Tulum, is a testament to the connection between archaeology and nature. Built as a public space for a natural reserve, this sanctuary offers over a thousand hectares of exploration, with three kilometers of walkways guiding you through the archaeological area.

Activities at Jaguar Park: Tour of the Tulum Archaeological Zone: Discover the history and majesty of the ancient Mayan city as you explore the ruins located at the heart of Jaguar Park.

Hiking in Cliffs: Immerse yourself in the wild and challenging nature of Tulum as you venture on exciting trails among cliffs, offering panoramic views and a unique connection with the surroundings.

Bike Ride through the Bike Path: Experience the freedom of cycling through the park's bike path, surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning landscapes that turn every pedal into an adventure.

Beach Access: Relax on the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters offered by Jaguar Park, enjoying the sun and the soothing sound of the Caribbean Sea.

Smoke Kitchens: Embark on an authentic culinary journey with the park's smoke kitchens, where traditional flavors and contemporary techniques merge to delight your palate.

Bike Rental for Exploration: Take advantage of the option to rent bikes to explore at your own pace, allowing you to discover every corner of the park in a comfortable and sustainable way.

In the heart of Tulum, nature reveals its authenticity, and Jaguar Park becomes the perfect setting to connect with our roots and enjoy the surrounding biodiversity.


The Jaguar Park is not only a new tourist stop, but also an access point to the Tren Maya and the International Airport 'Felipe Carrillo Puerto'.

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